In the Garden

When I took Dudley out for a walk earlier, he made a beeline for a particular shrub, where he sniffed intently for a few moments, then looked up at me proudly before walking away. At first, I didn't even see at what he was sniffing.

But then I looked closer...

And closer...

Until I finally saw what it was that had caught his nose.

Despite this indubitably impressive camouflage, the warren of rabbits who live in our garden rarely even rely on this evolutionary safeguard, frequently just sitting out on the lawn like, "Yo, what's up?" They are either unusually friendly, or possibly stupid, rabbits who are simply not afraid of people or giant rabbit-chasing dogs.

Or dogs that are supposed to chase rabbits, anyway. Dudley's utter indifference to chasing this rabbit, upon having discovered it, might indicate why he was a retired racer before the age of two.

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