Breaking News: Mike Huckabee Still Homophobic

And inventing whole new phrases to express his tired-ass bigotry!
Former Arkansas governor and Fox News host Mike Huckabee said Tuesday he would support re-imposing the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military if elected president.

"I would -- because that's really what the military wants," Huckabee told OneNewsNow. "There's been some talk that the military is fine with having same-sex orientation people. But if you really surveyed the combat troops, that is not at all the case."
Same-sex orientation people? LOL. What a ridiculous jackass he is.
"I don't think that these are decisions that politicians should make," the potential Republican 2012 presidential candidate added. "These are decisions that soldiers should make. And when the soldiers in the foxholes make the decisions, they choose something different -- and we should listen to them."
I love how Republicans can't get it through their impenetrably thick skulls that "soldiers" and "people who are attracted to people of the same sex" are not mutually exclusive groups. (See also: John McCain, Tim Pawlenty, et. al.)

Nonetheless, I agree with the good Reverend Huckabee that we should listen to the members of our military on this one:
A 267-page Department of Defense report (pdf) published in November 2010 ... found that 70 percent of troops surveyed said having a gay or lesbian member in their unit would have positive, mixed, or no effect on the unit's ability to "work together to get the job done."

The report also found that 69% of troops surveyed believed they had worked in a unit with someone who was homosexual and 92% of those who believed they worked in a unit with someone who was homosexual rated the ability of unit to work together as very good, good, or neither good nor poor.
Your move, sir.

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