Assvertising, Part 134 in an Ongoing Series

Last night, I saw this Terminix commercial for termite control services and all I could do was laugh in abject horror:

Video Description: An ominous male narrator says in voiceover, over images of a monster destroying a basement, "If something hit one in thirty homes, causing up to $8,600 in damage, you'd expect it to look like this, not this." Video pans to images of unassuming termites. "Get to them before they get to you, with the Terminix Ultimate Protection Guarantee. Call or click today. Terminix."

The monstrous horror one would supposedly expect to be causing the damage caused by termites is a fleshy monster with a multi-tiered mouth that I can only describe as a Russian nesting doll of vagina dentatas.

(If you can't view the video, I've got a screen capture of it here.)

I'm sure Terminix's intent was to communicate to me that I should be terrified of termites, but the only message I got is that Terminix's advertising department appears to be run by an MRA who gets all his best ideas from his own nightmares.

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