The Three Corporate Stooges

What an absolutely delightful article about Republican Governors Mitch Daniels (Indiana), Scott Walker (Wisconsin), and Chris Christie (New Jersey)!
In private, three of the Republican governors at the center of a growing national debate over public sector workers commiserate in telephone calls and e-mail messages. In public, the three — now members, it seems, of a newly established fraternity — sound like one another's biggest boosters.
"Fewer unions, more beer bongs!"—The slogan for newly established fraternity Alpha Epsilon Barf, whose founding members are getting PhDs in Reaganomics from Garbage University.
Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, whose proposal to cut collective bargaining rights for government workers has drawn thousands of protesters outside the state Capitol in Madison, has described Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana as a "great inspiration" and Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey as a confidant.

Mr. Christie, whose is famous for his clashes with the New Jersey teachers' unions, has praised Mr. Daniels as "a great help to me." And the Indiana governor, who ended collective bargaining for state workers six years ago, has defended Mr. Walker's choices. "He is simply keeping a commitment that he made very openly in running for office," Mr. Daniels said in an interview over the weekend.
Cute camaraderie! It's so adorable that Mark Burnett needs to stick their asses in a fancy mansion with a puppy and turn that shit into a reality show for ABC. "Three and a Half Governors." Awwwww!

No one will even notice that these highly privileged, straight, white, conservative men are corporate stooges who are conspiring to ruin our lives. It's just TOO CUTE!


[H/T to Shaker Melissa.]

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