Scenes from the Snowpocalypse

This morning, the sun came out, and the snow-covered world is just unimaginably beautiful, despite being inconvenient and dangerous. There is nowhere to safely walk Dudley—the snow in the backyard is knee-deep, the sidewalks are buried, and the roads are unsafe; when I was out walking him this morning, after strapping on his purple balloon boats and coat, we had to run out of the way of a fishtailing car and saw a big collision at the intersection near our house, when a car slid through the stop sign and plowed into an SUV, pushing it into a telephone pole. We're going to have to try to clear a path in the backyard tonight.

And we're fortunate that that's our biggest problem. We haven't lost electricity, we've had no injuries from the snow or ice (touch wood), and we've got a roof over our heads. Others are not so lucky.

So the snow is really no fun. But it does look beautiful.

A bit of snow-covered holly, poking through the slats of the front porch.

A bright red cardinal, who likes to hang out in the vines outside my office window.

He flitted around for ages, his red a stark splash of color in the winter landscape.

Icicles already beginning to melt in the sunshine.

Snow-covered vines.

The snow has created some beautiful shapes on rooftops in the area.

This is a particularly lovely formation over our garage.

Shadow of a tree in the snow covering our front yard.

Sophie sitting on the back of the couch, checking out the results of the storm.

Olivia and Matilda looking out the front door.

Matilda is not impressed.

A shot I took yesterday, on a grayer day, of the humongous amounts of snow.

Another one from yesterday, looking down the length of our driveway.

Our back porch, decorated by the storm.

Iain putting on his boots; Dudley looks worried. "You're not making me go out there, are you?"

Nope—Iain was just going out to shovel.

Livs and Sophs at the front door, with reflection of wintry landscape.

My reflection in our dirty window, taking pictures.

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