[Trigger warning for various mentions of inappropriate "humor."]

An actual bid for conservative email addresses poll currently being run by that honorable bastion of conservative thought, Townhall.barf.

[Click to embiggen.]

Yes, who IS the most liberal media personality?

Is it Keith Olbermann, the rape apologist and misogynist who has "joked" about killing Hillary Clinton, referred to Michelle Malkin as " a big mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it," and used alleged promiscuity to justify incessant jokes at the expense of young women like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton?

Is it Chris Matthews, the homophobic, racist (and racist and more racist), misogynist (misogynist, misogynist, misogynist, misogynist, misogynist, misogynist...) dildobrain?

Is it the Bill Maher, the deeply misogynist, fat-hating, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, one-man rape joke machine?

Is it Jon Stewart, who, when he is not actually lecturing liberals on how terrible they are, spends his time anchoring a comedy news show that is written almost exclusively by white men and uses humor that's as edgy as it is progressive like fat jokes and transmisogyny?

Or is it a tie between ALL THESE AWESOME LIBERALS?

You know, the sad part is that there are lot of progressives fauxgressives who would actually agree with Townhall.fart that these men are good liberals.

But they are all just opportunists whose ideas of justice had boundaries extend only as far as whomever he wants to make fun of, be cruel to, or marginalize as unserious or uncredible.

They were Bush-haters. They were never progressives.

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