Feel the Trans*-momentum: Burnaby Now Editorial

Just a little one today, a followup to last week's FtTm post. The campaign continues to get Bill C-389 past the Canadian Senate, so that it can move to Royal Assent and become law.

A friend of mine pointed me to this editorial, by the editorial staff at the Burnaby Now (Burnaby being a part of the greater Vancouver area, on the coast of British Columbia, north of Washington state), excerpted here:
Will Canada's senators stand up and do the right thing - ensure that transgendered folks receive protection?


We hope the Senate passes the bill - it is the right thing to do.
I hope our Senators/Sénateurs are listening (although let me also note: Dear Editors, thank you for your editorial. We generally prefer "transgender", rather than "transgendered".). If you know of other media which have posted positive editorials, articles, videos, podcasts, or anything else citable about the campaign for C-389, please give us links in the comments.

I`m feeling less cynical than I did last time, so I'll give you the links to the Canadian Senators' e-mail directory to get you started.

Senators in English

Sénateurs en français

Canadians and canadien(ne)s are encouraged to write to any Senator they feel like writing to. Letters to Senators, as with MPs and MPPs/MLAs/MNAs, are postage-free.


Also, re: the asterisk after "trans": I'm using this to be as inclusive as possible, as is always my goal at Shakesville. The intent is to have a wildcard after trans, so as to show we're not just talking about unidirectional binary transitions, but also genderqueer, third gender, neutrois/neuter/neutral, and a variety of other commonly-seen-as-transgressive gender identities/presentations. While the simpler "trans people" or "trans women" would easily include my own identity, I've had e-mails suggesting that a slightly wider usage might allow for greater inclusivity, and I understand and agree with their logic. Whether or not you or anyone else choose to use it is entirely up to you and/or them, but whether I use it is not open to discussion here.

Tip of the CaitieCap to my friend J.

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