#dearjohn: No On 3

The good news: Republicans have stripped the "forcible rape" language out of the bill. We've made enough noise to stop their redefinition of rape.

The bad news: The rest of the bill still "contains numerous provisions that appear to dramatically expand federal limits on abortion funding, including a clause that limits the incest exemption to girls under the age of 18 and language that makes it tougher for women to obtain abortion coverage through their private insurers."

Even stripped of its attack on survivors of rape, the legislation remains an attack on people who need to terminate a pregnancy, particularly people in marginalized and/or vulnerable populations. Young women, poor women, trans men, and others, who are disproportionately targeted by reproductive coercion and/or sexual violence, and thus are most likely to be in need of government assistance to terminate unwanted pregnancies, are now under attack from the Republican Party in yet another way. As are all people who can get pregnant and quite reasonably expect that their private insurers pay for legal healthcare services.

So keep up the pressure. Keep calling, keep emailing, and keep making noise so we can stop this reprehensible assault on reproductive rights in its tracks.

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