Daily Dose of Cute

Before & After Edition.

So, the thing about greyhounds is that they sleep like 18 hours a day in some absurd position, and spend most of the other six hours lying around staring at you, trying to Jedi your ass into giving them a treat. And the thing about the specific greyhound that is Dudley Q. McEwan is that he is quiet and calm and chillax, even by greyhound standards.

We had him for months before we ever heard him bark at all, and even now, he almost never barks. He looks out the front window when someone pulls in the driveway, and runs to the door when someone rings the bell, but no barking. He virtually never even barks when he's playing, even outdoors with other dogs.

I'm not complaining. It's just important to convey how much he doesn't bark in order that one might appreciate this video of him BARKING!!!!!eleventy!! while we're getting ready to go to the dog park because we are NOT MOVING FAST ENOUGH!!!1! and he wants to go NOW!!!!!11!!!1!

I don't know how he bloody knows; he never does this if we're getting ready to go to the grocery store. We've tried to figure out what the "tell" is and change up our getting ready ritual. We've tried speaking in code. Nope. He knows. We can't fool him.

And as soon as he gets to the car, he calms right down until we're about 30 seconds from the park, at which point he whines with the urgency of a creature who is convinced that it is exclusively his whining that fuels the vehicle those last 400 yards.


After he's had a run about the park, he sleeps like the dead for two solid days. This weekend, we were at the park for about an hour until some other dogs arrived for him to play with. And not that he doesn't have fun running around with us, but it's not the same as socializing with other dogs. So we spent another hour or so while he played with his good pals Uma the German Shepherd and Sophie and Ellie the Newfoundlands, all of whom are really sweet dogs.

And this was the scene across which I stumbled in the living room about a half hour after we got home from the dog park:

[Iain lies on the floor with Dudley, who's all curled up and looking very sleepy.]

[Iain lies on the floor with Dudley, holding his paw in his hand.]

Ridiculous. That's some professional grade cuteness, right there.

No barking. Just snoring.

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