Daily Dose of Cute

[Please note that Dudley's incisors are visible while he bites a toy in this video, so if that sort of thing bothers you, skip this video.]

Video Description: Dudley is still learning how to play with toys; here, he's playing with Pinkie, a squeaky toy which his Nana Shakes bought him. There's a high-pitched squeaker in the head he likes, and a lower-pitched squeaker in the body which still kind of freaks him out, lol. When he accidentally steps on the lower one, he runs away, then comes back for more playtime, before he takes Pinkie into his crate and leaves him, for safekeeping.

Just watching him figuring out how to play with this thing has been hilarious. He was totally afraid of it at first, but now he carries it around with him and leaves it in his Special Places—the office, where he must go to eat high-value treats, and the loft, where he hoards my hats and shoes.

He's still not much into balls, and he couldn't care less about frisbees, but he likes playing tug-of-war with the yellow blanket and he's starting to dig Pinkie.

He also regularly play-bows at the cats, trying to get them interested in playing. Matilda just looks at him blankly—"I don't speak that language"—and Olivia either ignores him or bats him on the nose, which evokes the most pitiful look of dejected rebuffment ever from Dudley.

Sophie, meanwhile, totally wants to play, and responds to his play-bows by rolling onto her back with her paws in the air, curling herself into a semi-circle. Neither one of them can figure out what the other one's trying to say, and eventually they give up. It's like watching a cat-dog version of "Who's on first?"

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