Speaking of runaway government spending

Since I'm apparently on the Twin Cities beat, here's a fun story from City Pages, a local weekly:

"The Twin Cities activists who had their homes raided by the FBI last September are starting to learn more about why they're being investigated by a Chicago grand jury in relation to material support of terrorism.

Lawyers for the activists have learned from prosecutors that the feds sent an undercover law enforcement agent to infiltrate the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee in April 2008, just as the group was planning its licensed protests at the Republican National Convention."

"[Agent 'Sullivan'] 'really took an interest,' [Anti-War Committee member Jess] Sundin said. 'It raised some suspicions among other members at first, but after the other undercover agents from the RNC Welcoming Committee came out, and no in our organization did, we figured we didn't have any. Besides, we didn't think we had anything we needed to be secretive about.'

Sullivan began to take on more responsibilities with the organization, chairing meetings, handling the group's bookkeeping, and networking with dozens of other organizations."

Wow. Nice work keeping America safe from America, FBI.

America. :jazz hands:

It's a bit off-topic, but LOL @ "Karen Sullivan"'s backstory. She's a lesbian. Who lives in Seward. Who spent time working on activism in Northern Ireland. And likes the Red Sox. It's not that there's anything wrong with at least three of those things; I wouldn't be shocked to hear members of the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee possess any of those traits. It's just: holy. fucking. stereotypes.

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