Oscar Nominations

They're here.

A couple of observations: No female directors, yet again. Too bad not a single person of color acted in any movies this year. How the fuck was True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld a supporting actress?!

I hope The King's Speech wins everything.

UPDATE: This email from Iain, with the subject header "Outrage," arrived just as I was posting the above, which I'm sharing with his permission:
Why the fuck is Jeff Bridges nominated for Best Actor and Hailee Steinfeld nominated for Best Supporting Actress for True Grit? She has more screen time than he does and is the main character. Also, in my opinion Hailee's performance was the most impactful, which is saying something as Jeff Bridges was on good form and he is a fucking legend while she is about three years old. If they were both nominated for Best Actor/Actress that would have been okay, but truly, it should be the other way around.

Also, as usual the Best Actress nominations are all for women who starred in small movies that very few people have seen. Other than Black Swan I don't recall seeing trailers for them, or even hearing anybody discuss them. I don't think we seriously talked about going to see any of them so they probably didn't have a wide release.

So the moral of this story is that women almost never land lead roles in large productions, and that when they do, they will be nominated for Best Supporting Actress while the subordinate male actors in the same movie get nominated for Best Actor.

The Academy is making even less sense than usual this year.
Iain and I did, briefly, talk about The Kids Are All Right, after I wrote about it. But I don't blame him for forgetting, since it opened on seven screens in the US.

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