Important Announcement

I like Helena Bonham Carter and I like her mismatched shoes.

I rented Lady Jane on VHS from Blockbuster Video when I was 13 because I liked the picture on the cover. And it was this revelation, a movie about a girl not so much older than I was who became the Queen, and she was smart and progressive and wouldn't compromise her religious or cultural beliefs and holy shit they killed her for it.

That's a simplification of the film, and the film itself is an embellishment of a largely undocumented nine days.

But I didn't get all that when I was 13. I got that being smart and uncompromising and progressive, especially while also being a woman, was controversial and sometimes dangerous, but that it's worth doing anyway.

Which is all an aside to my main point, which is that I fell in love with Helena Bonham Carter while she was playing Lady Jane Grey, who I imagine would have thought wearing two different colored shoes was kinda cool.

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