Winter Wonderland

It is STILL snowing here, and we are really starting to get buried. It's beautiful, though, and I'm going to try to enjoy it before it gets all dirty and gray.

Below the fold are more still images of the winter weather, as well as a strange but wonderful story and a video of Dudley from this weekend.

The arrow in the above picture points to where I took a faceplant in the snow earlier today while walking Dudz, lol. (It's so bright and white outside I couldn't tell exactly where I was aiming the camera!) There's a huge hole which isn't visible under the snow, right near the street in front of our neighbor's house, and I was just thinking, "Ooh, I'd better be careful because that big hole is right arou—MOTHER FUCKER!"

No damage. Just a lot of snow coverage. And Dudley gave me this look like, "See? I TOLD you we shouldn't be outside in this shit!"

[Also at Daily Motion, here.]

Video Description: Dudley was having NONE of being outside while it was sleeting on Saturday, and did not even want to leave the veranda at the dog park. We still managed to find a way to have fun, though: Iain and I stood at either end of the veranda, and Dudley ran between us, or ducked out the exit in its middle, and ran around for maximum fun-time with minimum exposure to the elements, lol.

Re: the fleece coat Dudley is wearing at the beginning of the video... The other day, before the big storm hit, I'm out walking Dudley, and he's not wearing his coat because it was poop-time and he won't do poop business while he's wearing it, I believe because the material is kind of noisy when he squats, which freaks him out. I'm thinking about how we need to get him a fleece coat when this guy comes walking up to me carrying what looks like a blanket. (He got out of a running pick-up truck parked in a nearby drive-way, and I don't know if he lives there—it's neighbors we don't know—or if he just pulled into the driveway because he was passing by.) Anyway, he holds out what I think is a blanket and says, "These are two fleece coats I made for my greyhound. He died and I thought you might be able to use them."

Me, gape-mouthed and babbling: "Thank you so much! I'm so sorry about your dog. This is just so nice of you. I was literally just thinking I need to order a fleece jacket for him. I can't even tell you how appreciative I am!"

He told me he hoped I could use them, but if they didn't fit to go ahead and give them away to another greyhound. I was so shocked, I barely knew how to respond, except to sputter thank you like a half dozen more times. He just smiled and pet Dudley's head and said, "I still miss my greyhound every day." And then he turned and walked away.

So Dudz has been wearing his new handmade fleece coat, and guess what? He totes does his poop business while wearing it!

What a strange and wonderful world we live in.

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