Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by Shaxco, publishers of the upcoming Anthology of Fuzz: A Year of Daily Cuteitude, by Matilda McEwan, and the rival publication Matilda's Stupid, by Olivia McEwan.

Recommended Reading:

Trouble: Interview & Transcript with Jody McIntyre [TW for police brutality and disablism]

Melissa: Sexism Watch: The Black List

Amber: Nina Power on the Bechdel Test

Fat Waitress: Oh Really, Kanye West? [TW for violence and misogyny]

Gabe: An Open Letter to the Clay Duke Surveillance Tape [TW for violence and violent imagery]

Andy: Jimmy Carter Says America is Ready for a Gay President

Tami: Rant: Hate Twitter? Fine. Stop being so sanctimonious!

If you enjoy these blogarounds, make sure you stop by Hoyden About Town to check out Tigtog's regular Femmostroppo Reader round-ups, too. She always finds great stuff. The most recent one is here.

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