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Servicers Downgraded Credit Score of Man who Asked for His Note:
Many homeowners have taken advantage of SEIU's Where's the Note website. It helps you generate letters to your bank to ask for evidence that they hold the mortgage note, or the IOU on the property. Bank servicers have routinely lost the note or never fully had it in their possession through the multiple trades and securitizations, and as a result have fabricated documents when foreclosing on homeowners.

...[Now] several banks, in particular Bank of America, have added negative reports to the credit files of borrowers who ask for their notes. ...SEIU says that this is mostly coming from Bank of America, though a couple have come in from Wells Fargo. ...They knock the credit scores of anyone who even asks for their note, which is basically a copy of the contract a homeowner thought he signed. The goal is silence and intimidation.
If we had a functional legislative branch, there would already be legislation under consideration to prevent this shit from happening. Instead we've got a two-party system in which both parties are racing to see who can capitulate to Corporate America fastest and hardest.

The invisible hand belongs not just to a thief, but a bully.

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