Morning Thoughts on #mooreandme

[Trigger warning for sexual violence.]

Michael Moore still has not addressed the fact that he blatantly misrepresented the allegations against Julian Assange. My pal Tom Watson pretty well sums it up thus: "The silence of @MMFlint on the #mooreandme controversy is deeply disappointing and frankly, rank anti-feminism."

Moore is no champion of the little guy if "guy" is literal. And he's no progressive if he's not a feminist. You can't claim to be a man of the people if you don't give a flying fuck about half the population.

Oh, but Julian Assange is doing IMPORTANT WORK, he argues. Well, Sady Doyle and I and the other people who are criticizing Moore for rape apologism in defense of a man doing IMPORTANT WORK are doing important work, too. Of course, Julian Assange is doing Very Important Business for "people," while we're just doing boring old ladybusiness.

This entire episode has been a textbook example of a dude auditing the veracity of rape allegations using how much he likes the person accused as the primary basis for his Totally Objective Observations. Which is, truly, one of the most basic forms of rape apologism there is.

"Well, I totes hate rape, and I like Julian Assange, so therefore he cannot be a rapist!"

What's that brand of il(logic) called again...?

Oh right. Bullshit.


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