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[Trigger warning for police brutality, violence, murder.]

Nearly two years ago, a young man named Oscar Grant was executed by former police officer Johannes Mehserle, who shot Grant at point-blank range unprovoked and unnecessarily. Mehserle was arrested on suspicion of murder, which was a reasonable charge to anyone with an internet access and a functional sense of decency. (Kevin retains video of the incident here. A trigger warning applies. It is very upsetting to watch.)

In the subsequent trial, the jury could have found Mehserle guilty of second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter. After six and a half hours of deliberation, they convicted him of the least serious charge, on the basis of Mehserle's absurd contention that he had accidentally pulled out his gun (located on his right hip) instead of his taser (located on his left hip) and fired a round into Oscar Grant before realizing he'd "grabbed the wrong weapon."

Mehserle faced up to 14 years in prison. He was sentenced by Judge Robert Perry to two, with 292 days as time served and credits for good behavior. Mehserle will be free in 72 days.

Quite reasonably, citizens of the area who don't like the idea that a cop could kill them for the cost of 72 days of prison time protested the sentence.

And the same (and/or neighboring) police force whose member effectively got away with cold-blooded murder caught on camera then did this. (The author of that piece is Shaker Westa.)

Welcome to America 2.0.

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