Today in Transphobia

I thought about titling this "Today In Appropriating Marginalized Bodies For Pseudo-Edgy Pseudo-Humour And Unfortunately Gobs Of Profit", but it's too long for a tag.

Besides, the one I used works well for this one (link goes to Skip the Makeup, a superb trans-issues blog).

An ad agency in New York, known for its "edgy"1 campaigns, moved office recently2, and used this card, as well as a video clip (available at Skip the Makeup; I thought the card made the point well enough for our purposes) to get publicity for their move.

So how much would you pay for the ability to have transphobia and binary-gender performance policing advertise your business? But wait! That's not all! Because you also get a sweet little piece3 of xenophobia, absolutely free!

NOW how much would you pay?

So COME ON DOWN to our ad agency, and find out how we can use people who aren't white/cis/hetero/Christian/upper-class enough to help you grow your "edgy" business! We can put an offensive stereotype to work for you!

1 FSV of "edgy" to equal "pointless shots at marginalized people to make ourselves feel like big manly men who don't have to kowtow to political correctness, or even to 'not being a huge tank farm of douche drippings'".

2 I'm not linking to them directly; they can get their "buzz" elsewhere. Gina's got a link.

3 See what I did thar? French women are all sluts, amirite, bros? Damn, I am SO EDGY I SHOULD HAVE A "SHARPS" LABEL tattooed on me.

Tip of the CaitieCap to eastsidekate.

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