More Email from My New BFF

[Trigger warning for antisemitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, and Christian supremacy.]

As you may recall, my new BFF Tony recently sent me one of the greatest and most well-targeted emails of all time. This morning, I received another awesome missive in my inbox, and I felt it would be the height of selfishness to keep it all to myself.

[Click to embiggen.]

Rarely, I imagine, are Ann Coulter and I on the same mailing lists.

I'm a little jealous that Digby gets to be the "Dem Party-Anti-Christ" and I only get to be "'GOD' Bless America." Harrumph. Although I do have to admit, when I think of Digby, I do think, "She's the best Dem Party-Anti-Christ there is!" So fair enough.

Again, I'd like to compliment my correspondent on the fine targeting of his email. If there's one person who's concerned about our Muslim president's attempts to deport Jesus Christ from America, it's me.

Everywhere I look there is evidence we are about to become a godless society, like: Our Christian president, our last Christian president, their almost exclusively Christian administrations who relentlessly pander to conservative and/or moderate Christians, the almost totally Christian Supreme Court, an almost entirely Christian Congress who start each session with a prayer, the millions and millions of other American Christians whose day of worship is still respected in various state laws across the country (like in Indiana, where you still can't shop for a car or buy booze on a Sunday), whose views are reflected in various federal laws (like denying same-sex couples the right of marriage in order to protect its "sanctity"), whose holidays are also national holidays, whose holy book must be sworn on in state and federal courts, and whose churches are not required to pay taxes, guaranteed freedom of religion, money that says "In God We Trust," a pledge of allegiance that describes us as "one nation under God," television networks who will accept advertising from conservative religious groups but not liberal political groups, schools who are incorporating a religious belief into science classes, conscience clauses for pharmacists and healthcare providers, religion-based residential communities being built, religious museums and amusement parks springing up all over the country, religious leaders being given diplomatic immunity, faith-based initiatives being federally funded, and our national media being constantly embroiled in a debate about in which god the president believes.

We are on the precipice, people!


[If you can't view the image, the email reads (in large, oddly-spaced, and randomly-colored text): "Who is taking 'Jesus Christ' out of America? Most Jews that are Politicians are Democrats. Most Muslims that are Politicians are Democrats. We know Obama lied about being a Christian, as Obama is a Lying Racist Muslim. We know Obama and the Liberal Democrats are for Killing Innocent Babies! Was Obama born in Kenya? So who do you think is taking 'Jesus Christ' out of America? It is NOT The Christians! Do you think the Black Panthers believe in and Love 'Jesus Christ'? We Christians know what we must do on November 2, 2010!"]

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