I Write Letters

Dear Jodie Foster:

What the hell?

It's not like I've done an official poll or anything, but I'm nonetheless going to assert with some certainty that Mel Gibson is not "truly the most loved man in the film business," nor is he "incredibly loved by everyone that's ever come into contact with him."

Apart from the former partner he abused, I'm guessing Officer Sugartits doesn't exactly fancy him rotten.

Just for a start.

Look, I know you've got a film to rescue ASAP, but that's the chance you take when you do a solid for an old friend who happens to be an unapologetic bigot is that his raving fuckery might stain the red carpet. Cut your losses.

Otherwise, people are going to start thinking you're an asshole who thinks the art created with misogynist, dangerous, abusive men is more important than the reality of the things they've done.

Oh. Right.

Never mind.


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