Discussion Thread: When Fat-Shame Didn't Stop Me

[Trigger warning for fat-shaming and discussions of body image and body policing.]

Following up on yesterday's discussion threads about being fat-shamed and engaging in fat-shaming, this is a thread in which to share stories about when you had to overcome the internalized narratives of fat hatred in order to do something you wanted to do.

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror wearing something you've never worn before, like a sleeveless dress, and made a conscious decision to feel good about yourself and go out and have fun? Have you ever hesitated before sending a reply to a personals ad, deciding if zie doesn't like fat people, well, that's hir problem? Have you ever posted a picture of yourself online, even though you know it might elicit negative comments? Have you ever fought through panic just to walk out the front door?

This is a thread about what it takes to Live While Fat, whether it's a small thing or a big thing. It's about the times we recognize the possibility of being fat-shamed, and maybe even expect it, but go ahead and do what we want, anyway—even if, and especially if, on some other day, we might not have had the emotional reserves and steely psychological armor to do the same.

The companion thread with a discussion of the times fat-shame did stop us is here.

[Commenting Guidelines: Engaging in fat-shaming and fat hatred here is off-limits, as it is in any other thread, and will be removed and its purveyors banned. This thread is for people who want to be engaged with ending fat-shaming, not for people interested in perpetrating it.]

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