The Overton Window: Recap and Cover

It's been a while since we read The Overton Window, so I thought a little refresher might be in order.

In the prologue we met Eli Churchill, undercover janitor spy working to expose a massive conspiracy. There's lots of money and some missing nukes and a plan to build a new "political and economic and social structure."

Eli rings up Beverly (yay for payphones!) to tell her all about it, but is murdered (boo for silencers!) before he can spill the beans.

Our story's reluctant hero is Noah Gardner, PR wiz with an aimless existence. He has "an outstanding record of success with the ladies" but that all falls apart when he meets Molly Ross, auburn-haired, teabagging patriot.

Molly is sassy and hates PR people Naturally, Eli is taken with her.

The villain of this tale is Noah's father: Darth Gardner. I mean Arthur Gardner. He's a PR wiz with dreams of world domination. He invented bottled water, thinks "Social Security was the boldest Ponzi scheme in history" and, I guess, hates America.

Arthur Gardner lays out his plan for a "new framework" in a very corporate manner: via Xeroxed hand-out and Powerpoint.

Okay, so there we are. Noah, Molly, and Arthur, teaparty rallies, the NWO, and Powerpoint. The excitement just jumps off the page, doesn't it?

Before I jump back into the story, there is something I wanted to comment on: The cover. (See below.)

It is, at first glance, an image of the Statue of Liberty overlooking the New York skyline. Except there have been a few changes to Liberty's familiar visage.

First, and most noticeable, is Liberty's left arm. Her tabula ansata and been replaced with what looks like a rifle. I'm guessing it's a Revolutionary-era musket. (Other theories are welcome.)

Less noticeable is Lady Liberty's recasting as a man. Note the broad, masculine shoulders. (And what is commonly referred to in certain circles as a "swimmer's build.") The robe, originally covering the right upper arm and shoulders, now drapes over the left shoulder, and just barely.

If viewed from the front, Liberty's chest would be exposed. I think we can safely assume Liberty isn't showing off her titties. Liberty, now male, bares his chest in defiance.


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