It's That Time of Year Again

The time of year when women (and their dogs!) are expected to celebrate Halloween by dressing like the stripper version of any costume—You can't be a nurse; you've got to be a SEXY nurse! You can't be a witch; you've got to be a SEXY witch! You can't be a cat; you've got to be a SEX KITTEN! You can't be a schoolteacher; you've got to be a SEXY Catholic schoolgirl!

My friend Todd texted me this picture the other day:

Image Description: A sexy Big Bird costume. Todd told me he also saw a sexy Freddie Kreuger in the store, but he's decided to go as sexy Osama bin Laden this year. I told him I'm going to be sexy Saddam this year, with a sign on my tittays reading "Weapons of Mass Seduction." Because Halloween is now apparently about sexualizing the most inappropriate things of which one can conceive.

Like children's icons.



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