Impossibly Beautiful

[Trigger warning for fat hatred and body policing.]

This is a picture of Christina Aguilera—who is, IMO, extremely talented and pretty damn cool—which the Daily Fail used as a launching pad to write this heap of fat-hating and body-policing horseshit.

Aguilera is said to have "piled on the pounds" and "ballooned" in size. She "was in great shape," but is now "curvier than ever," as if being a woman with curves is a bad thing. They guess at the exact amount of weight she's gained, and declare her "to be the heaviest she's ever been, barring her pregnancy in 2008."

All of this, as if it fucking matters. As if it's anyone's business. And as if Aguilera, despite being maybe 10 pounds heavier than she was earlier in the year, doesn't hew more closely to the Western Beauty Standard than the vast majority of women on the planet.

Which is kind of why this article is particularly heinous: It's about a classically beautiful woman with a face and body most people will find ridiculously attractive, being picked apart in a public way for a perceived flaw, thus implicitly communicating to all the women who read this article that even Christina Aguilera isn't beautiful enough.

Now buy these expensive beauty products and diet pills and exercise equipment and vitamins and liquid diet mixes and make-up and lunchtime cosmetic surgery procedures and skin firming potions and tooth veneers and hair extensions and girdles and spray tans and eyelashes and depilatories and everything else we can make to fix you up, you ugly bitches. Because you're sure as shit not as good-looking at Christina Aguilera—and even she's garbage.

This shit is despicable.

And Christina Aguilera rules.

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