In my inbox (TW for ableist language, emphasis original):

Dear MoveOn member,

Remember what it felt like to watch Barack Obama back when he was Candidate Obama? Seeing him fired up and ready to go in front of a crowd of 20,000?

Well, as of this week, that Obama's back. On Wednesday, he gave a feisty, tough speech that showed just how irresponsible Republicans have been, how crazy it'd be to give them back control of Congress this fall, and what he proposes to do to get our economy back on track.

"Fired up and ready to go in front of a crowd?"

Apparently Obama is getting ready to captain a team in next year's 'Pols vs. Pundits' roller derby bout at ECE. Hopefully he'll watch out for Helen Thomas-- I hear she throws a mean can opener*.

This newfound (as of this week!?! are you for realz?!?) ass-kicking through standing around saying things is neat n' all, but um... every tube on the internet is clogged with discussions of how unsatisfying Obama's inaction on his supposed campaign platform has been. I'm not even going to get into the things that Obama actually has done-- let's just say that I'm pretty indignant.

In conclusion,, I think I'll keep the money I don't have. I know it's not a popular saying these days, but maybe you should quit while you're behind.

*A can opener is essentially a check where you squat down low, twist your torso and pop up to drive your shoulder into the chest of the skater directly behind you. Can openers are either very fun, or not fun at all.

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