All Righty Then

The Democrats have a new logo and slogan:

Change that matters.

The reviews aren't particularly enthusiastic. Gawker's Jim Newell said it looks "like the sort of logo you'd find on baby boys' sneakers," which is equal parts hilarious, depressing, and true.

I don't think it's a great logo, but I will give the Dems credit for the not-so-subtle exhortation to action it creates when paired with the iconic Obama insignia:


The paired logos feature at the bottom of each page of the Democrats' revamped website, the context of which is less thrilling. "Reproductive Choice" isn't even featured as a line item in their "What We Stand For" section, and, under "Women," accessed from the "People" section, choice doesn't even get a passing mention.

The "Women" section also begins thus: "The Democratic Party and women share common values and priorities." It's a theme that's repeated elsewhere: "Democrats stand with the LGBT community" and "For decades, Democrats have stood with the African American community" etc.

Here's a hint, Dems: Addressing these populations as though they are mutually exclusive from the Democratic Party is not the way to foster feelings of inclusion.

I'm not even going to start on the patronizing tone of the "Americans with Disabilities" section, which might as well be written in crayon. I'm a person with a disability, Dems. I need institutional support for accommodations, not gold stars on my notebook from condescending ignoramuses.

[Via Andy.]

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