The Overton Window: A Book Report in 46 Parts

So, Glenn Beck wrote this new book. It's called The Overton Window. Beck describes the book as faction: "fiction based on facts." I guess Beck doesn't realize most fiction is based on fact, since we live in a world that exists, factually. Unless your book is about faeries, then yeah, it's probably based on fact. No points to Beck for pulling some ridiculous and self-important gimmick out of his ass and passing it off as if he's written some groundbreaking work. I mean, I don't get the impression Beck is trying to swing some non-fiction novel à la Capote, because this ain't no highbrow shit we're talking about. It's a right-wing wankfest espionage thriller. And not a very good one at that.

By all accounts, this book is awful. That's what all the professional critics are saying, like the book versions of Siskel and Ebert and Elvis Mitchell. Google it if you don't believe me. Anyway, my local library finally delivered me my copy. (My steadfast refusal to pay for a copy, outside of me bidding up to $2.88 a copy on eBay (that's a penny a page) accounting for the delay between the June pub date and today.) I've had it on hold since reading Joe Mande's screenplay version over at Videogum. I thought, "wow, no, it really can't be that bad, can it?" Can it? I guess I'll find out.

Over the next days, months, years, however long it takes, I'm going to wade through The Overton Window and share my reactions with you. It'll be like that dude who blogged the Bible. But with less Moses. Feel free to pick up your own copy (borrow Dad's!) and read along. Or not. I wouldn't blame you if you weren't up to it. I am not sure I'm up to it.

Tune in tomorrow for: Chapter One! Unless there's a prologue or some shit. In which case chapter one will come after that.

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