No Gay Soldiers

The American Family Values Children Christian Liberty Freedom Patriot Association Foundation Organization Family Research Council is running a new ad voicing their opposition to the repeal of DADT. There are a lot of things to love about it, but I think my favorite part is the implication that there have never been, and are currently not, any gay servicemembers. Which, were that true, would render DADT unnecessary, anyway—now, wouldn't it?

Of course, logic is not one of the qualities for which members of the Family Research Council are generally known.

Male voiceover: [over footage of soldiers in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and one of the Gulf Wars] They fought in trenches, stormed beaches, cut through sweltering jungles, marched over burning deserts. [over footage of soldiers marching, and hovering helicopters] Our military has protected our soil, seas, and skies. But today they're drawn into a new battle. [over an image of a Pride parade and a big rainbow flag, accompanied by the text "HARRY REID and HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVISTS pushing their agenda on our military] Harry Reid and homosexual activists are attempting to advance their political agenda [over image of rainbow flag flying near capital] by overturning "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." [over image of tank in the Gulf] Our military is for protection, not politics. [over FRC logo with "paid for by" text] Stop Harry Reid! Family Research Council Action PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.
I also dearly love the idea that advocating for the inclusion of openly gay soldiers is politics, but advocating for their continued exclusion is not.

Funny how the defenders of tradition, the fierce protectors of privilege, are never the ones with the political agenda; it's those marginalized rabble-rousers who want equality, the stinking hooligans, the activists, *spit*, who have an agenda.

The heroes and patriots are merely interested in maintaining the status quo. What's the big deal about that? After all, it's working great for them!

[Via Andy.]

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