Clang Clang Clang Went the Trolley Speaking Engagement

Yesterday I wrote about GOProud, a group of gay conservatives, and their upcoming "Homocon," featuring Ann Coulter, "the conservative Judy Garland," as their featured guest. Remember the first sentence of GOProud's mission?
GOProud represents gay conservatives and their allies.
What do you think, "allies?"

WND Drops Ann Coulter as Keynote Speaker at Conference

Conservative website WND has dropped Ann Coulter as the keynote speaker at its upcoming conference over her plan to speak to a group in favor of gay rights.

WND says that Coulter's decision to speak at Homocon, an event sponsored by a gay Republican organization called GOProud, disqualifies her from speaking at their "Taking America Back National Conference."

"Ultimately, as a matter of principle, it would not make sense for us to have Ann speak to a conference about 'taking America back' when she clearly does not recognize that the ideals to be espoused there simply do not include the radical and very 'unconservative' agenda represented by GOProud," WND editor and CEO Joseph Farah said. "The drift of the conservative movement to a brand of materialistic libertarianism is one of the main reasons we planned this conference from the beginning."
(Bolds mine.)

Well, surely Ann Coulter will show GOProud some support, right? After all, she is the "Conservative Judy Garland..."
Coulter, who is and will remain a WND columnist, said she was hired to deliver a speech at Homocon but that does not mean she endorses GOProud's views.

"They hired me to give a speech, so I'm giving a speech. I do it all the time," she said. "I speak to a lot of groups and do not endorse them. I speak at Harvard and I certainly don't endorse their views. I've spoken to Democratic groups and liberal Republican groups that loooove abortion. The main thing I do is speak on college campuses, which is about the equivalent of speaking at an al-Qaida conference. I'm sure I agree with GOProud more than I do with at least half of my college audiences. But in any event, giving a speech is not an endorsement of every position held by the people I'm speaking to."
So, for those of you keeping score at home, a website (which employs her, mind you) has dropped Coulter as keynote speaker at their terribly, terribly important conference because she didn't tell a bunch of homos to go fuck themselves. Coulter repays said homos' embarrassing affection with a shrug and a sneer, saying they're not quite as bad as people who "loooove abortion," or an al-Qaida conference. Oh, but she'll take their money...

GOProud, meanwhile, continue to consider themselves "conservatives."

I'm sure they'll have so much to talk about when she comes to their little party.

Sad Trombone sound bite

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