On getting Shakespearian with language…

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

A bitch just caught up on the latest verbal malfunction by former GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Refudiate-gate is all over Twitter and even the major networks are chatting about it.

Full disclosure – a bitch loves to fuck with the English language.

My friend Brother Rob Thurman is the reigning bitchitude champ of made up words…he’s known to issue forth made up words with such confidence that a body often thinks they’ll find that new word in the dictionary!

But there’s an art to made up words…a key rule that Palin mislooked or under-understood.  One must use context when using a new word to ensure that people know what the fuck you are talking about.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

For example, when first using “fuckeduptitude” I recommend placing it in a sentence that clearing defines what that shit means.

“Sarah Palin’s defense of drill baby drill, despite the current fuckeduptitude of the oil spill in the gulf, is yet another public display of ig’nance.”

Note – ig’nance is not considered a made up word…’tis more of a misspelling that I use ‘cause that’s how I like to say the word ignorance…and deep down in my heart of hearts I just KNOW Shakespeare would have adored that shit (wink).

FYI – when you Google "Sarah Palin refudiate", Google gently asks you whether you meant "Sarah Palin repudiate".


Anyhoo, Sarah Palin deleted her refudiate tweet and issued forth a new tweet-pinion…but her defense of making up the word refudiate guaranteed that the original tweet would live on in.

In the spirit of American independence, a bitch defends Palin’s right to make up words so that I can continue to do the same!

After all, this bitch wouldn’t want to get all hypocriticatopical on this shit.


***Lawd, spell check is pissed off to high heaven at this post!!***

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