Last weekend I was in Toronto for an *amazing* queer roller derby event, loosely affiliated with Toronto Pride. My teammates and our hosts put a lot of work into bout production, what with the 5-foot high vagina and everything.

There was one rough spot, though. We were expecting hundreds of unsuspecting people to come out to this queer, pride-affiliated event, and the dj desperately needed to know what music we could play to aid in our recruitment efforts. The Allman Brothers? Peaches? Kansas? Finding music that could prove a gateway-to-gayness was a lot of work.

Fortunately, one of our ringleaders found [Trigger Warning: Homophobia] an amazing resource. You should really check it out. It's quite insightful hilarious tragic hateful (ETA: and also made up).

Another teammate pointed out that the same site also has a [TW]"Powerful tool" that can aid in your quest to avoid the hellish hellfires of hell. Cyndi Lauper tops the list of purifying acts, something that proved, uh, convenient?

Reparative therapists: we're not even trying.

ETA: As Deeky points out, Donnie Davies is totally a hoax, something that raises a bunch of questions that have undoubtedly already been discussed on the internet. Why is it that such a bizarre character resonates with some of us as an earnest person? Is someone out there making money off of this?

There were people saying things on the internet, and I wasn't told? Damn.

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