"We Live in Modern Times"

Check out some of the Renault Twingo's "Modern Times" ads.

[Two young white men are driving down the street at night; two young white women are in the backseat. There is music playing and they look happy. They pull up besides a club outside of which there is a long line of people waiting to get in. In the line is a group of drag queens. The driver of the car makes eye contact with one of the drag queens, who quickly looks away.]

Driver: Dad? Hey, Dad! [His dad turns and looks, almost cringing with dread at what his son will say.] Can you get us in?

[The young man grins and looks at his dad expectantly. The dad looks surprised, then relieved, then happy, then proud, all in the span of a moment.]

Voiceover: Twingo. We live in modern times. [Renault logo.]

[Two white women, a mother and a daughter, are driving down the street in the daytime; they pull to a stop at a red light. The daughter glances out the passenger side window and sees a poster reading "Lola: Special Show" accompanied by the image of a burlesque girl. It is her. She looks panicked. Her mother notices the poster and recognizes her daughter; her face drops.]

Mother: What?! You found a job and you didn't tell me?

[The mother smiles. The daughter smiles bemusedly and looks relieved.]

Voiceover: Twingo. We live in modern times. Renault Twingo. [Renault logo.]
[A white woman and a white teen, grandmother and granddaughter, are driving down the street in the daytime; as they pull to a stop in a parking space, a cell phone rings and the teen reaches into her purse to get it. As she does, a strawberry-flavored condom in a decorative wrapper falls out. She looks mortified. Her grandmother picks it up and looks at it with shock.]

Grandmother: Sophie! [The granddaughter grimaces.] I thought you didn't like strawberries!

[Grandmother gives her a knowing look and laughs. Sophie laughs with relief. She reaches for the condom, but Grandmother snatches it away and tucks it into her bra.]

Voiceover: Twingo. In tune with today. [Renault logo.]

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