Maude Save Us From the Headless Fatties!

[Trigger warning for fat hatred and dehumanization.]

Shaker Sherri sent me a heads-up about this new campaign by billboard advertising company Interbest Outdoor to recruit potential advertisers: "Your Ad Here" is out and "Give Us Money to Take Down These Disgusting Pictures of Fat People! HURRY! ZOMG Look at How Hideously FAT They Are! BUY AN AD ALREADY!" is in.

[Click images to embiggen.]

If you can't see the images, they are, respectively, of a headless white fat female body, neck to knees, clad in only bra and panties and standing sideways, and a headless white-but-vaguely-swarthy pot-bellied and hairy male body, mid-chest to mid-thigh, clad only in white briefs and standing frontways. The copy on each reads: "The sooner you advertise here, the better. Interbest Outdoor."

I am, as ever, a particular fan of the headless dehumanization. Fates forfend anyone's totes fun fat-hatin' be ruined by the reminder the fat bodies at which they're laughing belong to real human beings, who, if they're like most fat people, don't find in their real lives much of a distinction between, "I don't hate fat people; I just hate their bodies."

I also love the idea that Interbest Outdoor apparently doesn't think any of its potential advertisers are fat and/or hairy.

There is, by the way, a third in the series, which is a closely-cropped image of a man picking his nose. Because, ya know, being fat is just a bad habit you don't have the will or courtesy to break.

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