"When it comes to their health, men are the weaker sex:..."

That's the opening line for the linked article. Quite an exemplary show of FAIL there saying that on one this one issue men are the "weaker sex". So, you know, on every other issue women are the weak ones. Or something.

More FAIL:
About 57% of men have visited the doctor within the past year, compared with about 74% of women, according to surveys by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Black and Hispanic men are even less likely than white men to have routine checkups. At the same time, men are hospitalized at significantly higher rates than women for preventable conditions such as congestive heart failure and complications of diabetes and pneumonia that can be prevented with a vaccination.
Right in the middle of the above paragraph, in an article that's about an ad campaign based, generally, on the premise that "men are failures at taking responsibility for their own health and won't take care of themselves!" (slight paraphrase but, really, that's rather the idea behind it), is thrown in the line about Black and Hispanic men not having routine care, without any context about why Black and Hispanic men might face (more) challenges to get routine health check-ups.

Bonus FAIL:
"Most men who are young think they are immortal, and unless they've gone to war they never feel their lives are at risk," says heart surgeon Mehmet Oz, whose medical TV show and website,, will promote the campaign and link to the ads. In addition to targeting men, he says, the aim is to persuade families to nudge them into getting checkups.
So it goes back to someone else taking care of the men who apparently can't/won't take care of themselves. Great campaign. Or something.

Barf. Again.

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