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"Americans have a right to know if their Supreme Court justice has an orientation that may or may not dictate which way she votes on a vital issue. … Don't Americans have a right to know, on something as important as gay marriage, all right, if there is a Supreme Court justice nominee who is in that world?"Bill O'Reilly, on the Very Important Subject of whether SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan is a resident of LesbianWorld.

Guess what, Bill, you ludicrous dipshit? Even if Elena Kagan is a lesbian, and we all knew about it, that doesn't tell us anything about the way she'd vote on a same-sex marriage case. Even if we knew, irrespective of her sexual orientation, what her views on same-sex marriage are, that doesn't tell us anything about the way she'd vote on a same-sex marriage case, either—because Supreme Court cases aren't the equivalent of "Do you like same-sex marriage? Check this box."

Any case that comes before SCOTUS has very specific circumstances and details; even if legalizing same-sex marriage is a cause she personally supports and even if ruling a particular way on a case may have the effect of legalizing same-sex marriage, the nuance of that particular case may mean that she votes another way for reasons unrelated to her personal support for same-sex marriage.

Roe was decided on the Constitutional guarantee of privacy and due process. We've no idea under what auspices a same-sex marriage challenge may make its way to the Supreme Court. And even if we did, one's sexual orientation isn't a crystal ball into which one can gaze to accurate predict their future rulings.

I am shocked—SHOCKED, I tell you—at the discovery of yet more evidence that Bill O'Reilly is just as ignorant about queer people as he is about black people.

The whole world of people who are not male, not white, not straight, not cisgender, not able-bodied, not neurotypical, not BILL O'REILLY is just one big fucking mystery to this guy.

Or, at least, to his despicable persona, avatar to the chronically insular.

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