Oh My Aching Sides

[Trigger warning for violence.]

Maria at 2 Political Junkies just emailed me about a new political advert being run by the conservatively-funded 527 Rightchange. The ad is called "The Attack of the 50-Foot Pelosi" and it casts Nancy Pelosi as a monster who must be killed by Republican voters.
Voiceover (over animated images of a mad scientist's lab in which cartoon avatars of Barack Obama and Harry Reid are creating "the monster" by pulling levers marked "bailouts" and "healthcare" and "carbon tax"): Once, Nancy Pelosi was safely confined to LIBERAL San Francisco [the Nancy Pelosi avatar cackles wildly as she comes to life] but Harry Reid and Barack Obama had OTHER plans!

Obama avatar: Under my plan, the electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.

Voiceover (over images of the Pelosi avatar being shocked in the lab and growing into a 50-foot tall version of herself and stomping down streets and crushing homes): Now, gorged on our taxpayer dollars, Pelosi has grown into a power-hungry goliath, defying the will of the American people. Who has the power to stop her?! Who can save America?! [images of people holding up "Tim Burns" buttons; Burns is the Republican candidate in the special election race for the late Representative John Murtha's seat; electric bolts come out of the buttons and hit Pelosi, who begins to scream and writhe] You! The Pennsylvania voter! Vote May 18th, the day we fight back! Rightchange is responsible for the content of this message.
Maria's analysis is spot-on; I encourage you to head over and read what she's got to say about the ad.

The only point I'd add, in addition to her critique of the violence against an elected official being depicted in this spot, is that the Monster Pelosi is also represented being the unholy creation of two men, which is a nifty little twist of demeaning misogyny. Nancy Pelosi did not become the first female Speaker because of Harry Reid and Barack Obama. For fuck's sake.

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