Because Why Should McCain Get All The Asshole Points?

White cis man Dan Fanelli, standing for Congress in Florida, wants in on the party.

(Warning: thoroughly racist bullshit, may induce a desire to make rude gestures at Mr. Fanelli)

Tip of the CaitieCap to Jen over at Disgrasian. Plus, y'know, it's a damned good blog, read it anyway.

DeeplyProblematic also has a post analysing this racist screed, here.

Transcript below the fold, provided by the good offices of Shaker museclio.
[Two men speaking in what appears to be Arabic. A young man is balancing what looks like a metal thermos but I think is supposed to be a bomb.]

Young Man: (captioned)How will I reach martyrdom if I’m captured?

Man two: (captioned) If you spill the blood of the infidels [obscured] allow yourself to be captured. We will use the infidel’s lawyers and Miranda rights to send a message. Then you will go to God.

[Men freeze. Dan Fanelli comes out.]

My name is Dan Fanelli. Send me to Washington and I’ll send our enemies where they belong. And that’s not to a court room.

[DF stands next to elderly white man] Does this look like a terrorist? [Man 2 appears] Or This? Time to stop this political correctness and invasion of our privacy.

[DF steps up an mugs for the camera] Let’s face it, if a good looking ripped guy without much hair was flying airplanes into the twin towers I’d have no problem being pulled out of line at the airpoirt.

[DF appears next to a small plane and points] This is an airplane. [DF reaches down and yanks up Man 2 with a white turban, duct tape over his mouth and what appears to be a bomb strapped to his chest] And this is a terrorist. Send me to Washington, and get rid of that bum Alan Grayson and I’llmake sure guys like this get nowhere near things like this.

[DF’s face over the American flag]I’m Dan Fanelli and I approved this message.

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