I Write Letters

[Trigger warning]

Dear Jason Whitlock,

Do shut the fuck up.


p.s. Thanks for putting "in proper perspective" the rape accusations against Ben Roethlisberger. I really love (where "love" equals "hate with all the contempt I can muster for a misogynist wankstain like yourself") how you said "Statements made by drunken sorority girls are not facts." Of course, what is unsaid here is your obvious belief that statments by drunken, bar-hopping athletes are facts.

p.p.s. I totes loved (see above) as well when you said "Statements made by sober sorority girls about an evening spent bar-hopping and drinking are not facts."

p.p.p.s. Next time, you know what would be easier? If you just came right out and said what you really mean: "Statements made by women are not facts."

[h/t to Shaker wisiti.]

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