Today in Fat Hatin'

Shaker cheezwiz emails: "Et tu, Salon?"

I'll leave you to fisk in comments, and simply point out that my favorite passage has to be:
If I'd heard someone making this argument four years ago, I probably would have rolled my eyes. What's changed between then and now is a 2-year-old (mine), two pregnancies (I'm currently in my third trimester for No. 2), and 15 pounds of excess weight that have made my second pregnancy a lot more uncomfortable than my first.
"Because my personal circumstances changed, now my position for everyone has changed! So now I totes support the shaming of women so that they'll lose weight after pregnancy!"

Where have I heard this argument before...? Oh, right. It's the same bullshit rationale used by self-loathing social conservatives who refuse to acknowledge innate characteristics and have absolutely no self-control over their own behavior, so they seek to legislate morality, as if criminalizing sodomy will magically make them straight or criminalizing abortion will stop them taking their knocked-up daughters through picket lines on which they stood the day before to get through the doors of the abortion clinic.

Though the author asserts "I take full responsibility for this predicament," she really doesn't; she blames society—if only you had shamed me, I wouldn't be so fat! Which may be true. For her.

But for all the rest of us who don't lose weight under the pressure of mountainous shame, and don't fucking need that shit, she can do us all a favor and STFU. Because the fact that her willpower is contingent on the critical judgment of perfect strangers really isn't our fucking problem.

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