The Passing of a Hero

Sad news from Bristol, UK, this morning, to read that Andrée Peel had died at the lovely ripe age of 105, but perhaps vaguely appropriate that it comes on International Sop-to-the-Majority-of-the-Population Day.

Mrs. Peel was awarded the Legion d'Honneur (twice!), the Croix de Guerre, and the American Medal of Freedom, for her work in her native France during World War II, helping downed Allied pilots to escape back to the UK. Captured by the Germans and sent to Buchenwald to die, she was lining up for a firing squad when the Americans liberated the camp, saving her life.

She married an English man in Paris, and they moved to a home near Bristol, where she lived until her death over the weekend at the age (get this!) of 105. I know I said it before, but that's so awesome, to see the righteous rewarded with long and happy life.

Take that, you gender essentialists and evo-psych knobs who suggest that women can only be roused to great courage by threats to our families. We are capable of every possible courage - as of every possible cowardice - just as any other human being. Thank you for your heroism, Mrs. Peel, and requiescat in pacem.

Tip of the CaitieCap to my dear friend Julian for the link.

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