Over the Edge

[Trigger warning.]

Anyone who's been reading Shakesville for more than about five seconds is well aware of my disdain for cruel humor under the guise of "edginess" or "irony."

My teeth are grinding so hard after reading this [TW] I feel like I may spontaneously generate a new universe between my molars.

The trigger warning on the external link is for graphic images of violence, and although I will note that sparkymonster is not using the images in an exploitative way, the images are nonetheless profoundly upsetting.

So if you are reluctant to click through, given the nature of the post, here are the basics, care of sparkymonster:
Amanda Palmer of the "Dresden Dolls" and "Evelyn/Evelyn" fame decided to talk about her dislike of Lady Gaga last night on twitter. Among other things, Gaga is a sell out, is just like Justin Bieber, and Palmer really dislikes the product placement in "Telephone".

Then Amanda Palmer shared this:
ironic product placement is only ok if you take no money & beyond that give all the income to something ironic. like the Klan.
Let me just repeat. Something ironic. like the Klan.

...For an example of irony in racism that is not rage inducing, remember that the Southern Poverty Law Center successfully sued the crap out of the KKK and basically bankrupted them. So now the Southern Poverty Law Center does their anti-racist work with the KKK's money.
That pretty much says it all, right there.

[H/T to Tigtog. Related Reading: Annaham and Sady and Lauredhel.]

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