Monday Blogaround

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I have chosen United States healthcare-themed readings, but your links need not be related to health care.

abby jean at FWD/Forward: The Community First Choice Option

six until me: Health Care Reform: How Does it Affect People with Diabetes?

Historiann has a great link round-up of things historians are saying about health care reform passage: History was made, and You Are There!

Women's Media Center Blog: Victory on Health Care Reform, but a Partial One

PalMD: With or without health care reform, doctors' jobs get harder

Shark-Fu: On shock and tolerance

Bruce Benidt: “Being a Woman Will No Longer Be A Pre-existing Condition”

Rosalind Joffe: you can lose insurance benefits because you didn’t disclose

Racialicious: Politics Open Thread: Health Care Reform And The March For America

Paul Krugman: Fear Strikes Out

San Francisco Chronicle: California stands to gain most from health bill

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