Mods Get to See the Darnedest Things

From an enormous comment, which I had the pleasure of deleting a few minutes ago:
See back then (pre agricultural society like 4000 BCE+) when we were hunter gatherers we were equal. We had specific roles but then as we reached a step in complex society virtually in every example women's status degraded fast. The more advanced a society got, it seems that the more ornamental women become. We are right now are on the other swing of the pendulum in the past century but luckily it won't be significant enough to affect me too bad before I pass. Do you not think that every male has a streak of his brain designed to be the Alpha male, get as many fertile females as possible in his possession, and defend/protect them and his territory?!

...Believe me, I would be MUCH happier if you guys were still ornamental and society allowed us complete power over you guys. It would make focusing on education and career much easier because you wouldn't have to worry about appeasing an equal.

Oh well, good luck with your blog posts.

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