I Write Letters

Dear Cablevision and ABC,

I'll get right to the point.

I think both of you suck for trying to manipulate the New York tri-state area population to fight your battles. This bullshit standoff between the two of you will only hurt you in the long run. I know that corporations think they never have enough money, but the reality is that you have more than enough to solve our health care crisis five times over.

Cablevision: Get your shit together and figure out how to not have constant drama with networks threatening to cancel their broadcast. Heck, you are the only provider who can't even broker a deal to carry BBC America, so maybe there is something up with your company that gives networks reason to get pissed off. Perhaps FiOS is an alternative worth looking into.

ABC/Disney: After 10 more weeks, Lost will be done for good and I will have no further reason to watch your network, or any of your advertisers' shitty commercials. There's nothing more pathetic to me than a filthy rich company throwing a tantrum about how much more money they should be making than any other network. If the entire tri-state area dumped Cablevision and got a digital converter, you wouldn't be making dime one since you're already broadcasting for free. Stop being such a greedy piece of shit.

Now, both of you stop this immature nonsense or else it's Volcanus Eruptus time.

Space Cowboy

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