Holy Shit

A new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center states that right-wing extremist groups have grown 244% in the last year.

Repeated for emphasis. Two hundred forty-four percent. In the last year.

The radical right caught fire last year, as broad-based populist anger at political, demographic and economic changes in America ignited an explosion of new extremist groups and activism across the nation.

Hate groups stayed at record levels — almost 1,000 — despite the total collapse of the second largest neo-Nazi group in America. Furious anti-immigrant vigilante groups soared by nearly 80%, adding some 136 new groups during 2009. And, most remarkably of all, so-called "Patriot" groups — militias and other organizations that see the federal government as part of a plot to impose “one-world government” on liberty-loving Americans — came roaring back after years out of the limelight.

I'm sure the title of the report, "Rage on the Right," will cause the predictable mouth-frothing by the usual suspects, sending this straight down the memory hole to join the Department of Homeland Security's report.

And then they can get right back to work.


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