Thank You for Being a Friend…

LOL: "[Rue McClanahan] is still recuperating in the hospital after her November stroke, but was 'tickled' when she received a card from Betty saying words to the effect of 'Dear Rue, I hope you hurry up and die so I can be the last Golden Girl left.'"

I absolutely love that. I know that sort of repartee doesn't suit everyone's sense of humor, but it hits me right where I live—or, perhaps more accurately, right where I love.

I adore being (affectionately) teased by my close friends—and OMG do I love being teased by Iain. He can send me into absolute gales of breathless, gasping laughter by mocking the hell out of me.

I like it because it makes me feel very known, which is not an easy thing for me to let myself be.

And I like giving as good as I get back to Iain, and my friends who enjoy it. Hence Deeky and I spending approximately 5% of every day calling each other assholes, for example.

That sort of friendly teasing creates such strong bonds—and it serves a pretty important purpose too: Part of the reason stuff like "fuck you fatso!" is so easy to laugh at is because I've got a handful of people who love me who say the same sort of ridiculous shit to me all the time, but with affection.

That's incomprehensible to people who don't share that sense of humor, among whom are also people I consider friends; I get that not everyone likes to be teased, because I don't like to be teased by just anyone. It really is a special sort of trust, shared by people who respect each other's consent to be subjected to the ribald ruthlessness that only a true friend who really knows you can brutally, beautifully, hilariously deliver.

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