Last Lost Open Thread Before the S6 Premiere

"What lies in the shadow of the statue?"

Ille qui nos omnes servabit.

I know, I know, but considering Iain and I actually woke up shouting "HAPPY LOST DAY!" at each other this morning, and all I want to write about, think about, or talk about today is Lost, I've actually shown remarkable restraint!

And speaking of restraint, this article about the Lost S6 premiere getting leaked online is awesome:
The first hour of the final season of ABC's "Lost" has leaked online, and the reaction is not what industry insiders expected.

Though preview content for heavily serialized dramas such as "Lost" is typically frantically consumed online, the sixth season of the ABC hit has managed to build to such an epic level of anticipation that many fans are doing the unthinkable: refusing to watch the leaks.

When the opening scene from the premiere popped up online after a fan promotion Friday, users of one popular social network site voted to "bury" the video.

"Why spoil it now?" wrote one fan with the moniker MyWhiteNoise. "I'd rather watch it in hi-def and surround sound than ruin the surprise and watch some (low-quality) video."

To TV executives, such statements are like something from an alternative universe, the polar-bear opposite of how young, Web-savvy viewers typically respond to content. Fans usually embrace any short cut that skips the linear TV and advertiser-supported experience.

"We never had a show like 'Lost' before that had these kind of fans that love it so much that they don't want to know what happens before the premiere," said Michael Benson, co-executive vp marketing at ABC. "Fans feel like they own this thing, just like we do."

On Monday, fan commitment was given an even greater test when the entire premiere appeared on YouTube. The video was taken from hand-held cameras discretely shooting during a fan screening on Oahu. The Hawaii event itself was a revelation -- can any other TV drama rally 12,000 fans to an island in the South Pacific? Some flew in to see just the 44 minutes of video that ABC will air Tuesday night.

Yet when the inevitable YouTube copies appeared on Sunday, many videos only received a few hundred hits as online fans registered their disinterest in crummy bootlegs.
LOL! When Iain and I heard about this, our collective reaction was exactly the same: Why on earth watch some shitty bootleg?! HELL NO!

Five hours, 49 minutes...

[Use this thread to SQUEEEEEE!, make predictions, ask questions, share Lost-related funnies, whatever you like.]

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