I'm Shocked, Shocked, I Tell You

"A comprehensive new study on foreign militaries that have made transitions to allowing openly gay service members concludes that a speedy implementation of the change is not disruptive. The finding is in direct opposition to the stated views of Pentagon leaders, who say repealing a ban on openly gay men and women in the United States armed forces should take a year or more."

The report also found that allowing gay service members to serve openly did not undermine morale, did not cause widespread resignations, did not result in mass "comings out," did not provoke increased harassment, did not require "separate facilities for gay troops" or unique benefits for same-sex partners, and did not in any other way create significant disruption to the armed services.

It was not reported whether the final page of the report simply read: "Conclusion: You nincompoops at the Pentagon have literally no basis on which to justify the continuation of this ban besides your own tired bigotry."

And because we just can't get through any article on any major social justice issue without finding out what "the other side" thinks, the final paragraph reads: "Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, a potential Republican candidate for president in 2012, said that he continued to support 'don't ask, don't tell' because 'if it's not broke, don't fix it'."

That's privilege in a nutshell for ya: Heterosexual Tim Pawlenty is totally unable to even imagine that DADT is "broke" for gay and lesbian service members.

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