Ewan McGregor is a genius.

And I am being sarcastic.

[Trigger warning re: Polanski case.]

In an article headlined "Polanski hailed as 'maestro' by Brosnan, McGregor" (barf), Ewan McGregor refused to issue an opinion on Roman Polanski's being an unapologetic rapist and fugitive from the law, saying instead, "He's held in high esteem because he's an extraordinary director."

Later in the same interview, which was done in promotion of the new political thriller he shot with Polanski at the helm, McGregor said "he was almost entirely uninterested in politicians after losing all respect for them when he was young over corruption cases or 'caught with their pants down' in brothels."

So, McGregor's got no problem respecting a man who raped a 13-year-old girl, but has no respect for politicians who have consensual sex with prostitutes.


[Via Laura, who got it from Margaret.]

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